10 Ways to Use Funky Drinking Glasses Around the House

10 other uses for vintage drinking glasses

In shopping for secondhand furniture and accessories for the Dream House, I’ve come across a lot of kitschy old vintage drinking glasses. Nearly every thrift store and resale shop has a few shelves stocked with 50 cent glasses. I started picking up mismatched glassware and, as my collection has grown, I’ve found quite a few ways to use the glasses that don’t involve drinking.

1. Toothbrush Holder – It may seem obvious but I only recently thought about using vintage drinking glasses to help me and The Mister differentiate between our toothbrushes.

2. Vase – Fresh flowers are a delightful way to bring some life and color to your home. Grab a bouquet at the grocery store and then divide it among small drinking glasses to spread the joy to a few rooms.


3. Planter – With some rocks and soil, glassware goes planter in a snap. Place a layer of rocks in the bottom of the glass, add soil on top of that, drop in the plant and a little more soil and you’re done!

4. Candle Holder – Place tea lights inside short bar glasses for instant luminaries. Or get some wax and wicks and pour your own candles!

drinking glass soap dish, reuse, vintage

5. SOAP DISH: Use a crystal glass to bring some sparkle to the bathroom.

6. BEDSIDE READING GLASSES: Keep your reading glasses safely stowed for the night by dropping them into a glass on your bedside table.

7. DESKTOP ORGANIZER: Pencils, paper clips and other office supplies can be quickly corralled in a few glasses on your desktop. Mix and match vintage patterned glasses or use a matched set.


8. FLATWARE STORAGE: If you’re short on kitchen drawer storage, use glasses to hold your flatware. You’ll actually want to avoid using glass drinkware for this. But this is a great way to re-use plastic or metal drinking glasses.

9: MAKESHIFT SMARTPHONE SPEAKER: Drop your phone into an EMPTY! glass to listen to amplified tunes.

10: SNACK ATTACKS: Pour your pretzels, nuts or snack mix into a drinking glasses at your next party. It’s a great way to spread the snack around in easy to grab portions.

How do you reuse glassware? Tell us in the comments!

Images: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

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