Down to the Details: Pergo Laminate Flooring in the Basement Bathroom

So, quite frankly, I thought I would have more details about the basement bathroom to share. I bought a new toilet¬†and sink that we had planned on installing in the bathroom. That is, until we discovered that the standard toilet wouldn’t work. For future reference, folks, always check to see how the toilet drains before […]

Before & (Almost) After: A Quick Basement Bathroom Refresh

When our house was built in 1917 it was equipped with one bathroom on the second floor. Somewhere along the way – and judging by the Bathking¬†shower I think it was post-WWII – a bathroom was added in the basement. This little bathroom has been great in a functional kind of way when we’ve had […]

Shopping for a New Bathroom Sink

Although we won’t be ready to rip into the bathroom for another couple of months, we’re already shopping around for a new bathroom sink. Currently, there’s a really big bathroom vanity (which at some point was painted black), counter top and sink in the Dream House’s one and only full bathroom. We want to rip […]

Demolition Sunday: Let the Bathroom Reno Begin

Fueled by leftover roasted chicken and vegetables, we literally tore apart the bathroom cabinet. Let the bathroom renovation begin!

American Standard “Clean” Toilet: The Throne to Own

You know you’ve reached middle age when you get excited about a toilet. Although, really, can you name another fixture in your home that you have such an intimate relationship with? In the past six months we’ve purchased two toilets: one for the bathroom in the city apartment and one for the bathroom here at […]