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Before & (Almost) After: A Quick Basement Bathroom Refresh

Basement Bathroom Remodel

When our house was built in 1917 it was equipped with one bathroom on the second floor. Somewhere along the way – and judging by the Bathking shower I think it was post-WWII – a bathroom was added in the basement. This little bathroom has been great in a functional kind of way when we’ve had houseguests. Or even when it’s just the two of us and nature calls at the same time! Still, this little bathroom could use some refreshing. From the army green wall to the peel and stick floor, it was time to give this bathroom new life.

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Which Throne Will We Own? Shopping for a New Toilet

Which Throne Will We Own? Shopping for a New Toilet | This American House

Starting with baby steps on the bathroom project is starting to pay off. I’ve gotten most of the woodwork stripped and once it’s sanded and I’ve applied a finish it will be time to move on to the big stuff.

We know that we’ll need to replace the toilet and sink and vanity in the bathroom. While I thought that shopping for a new toilet would be an easy task, I’m finding the choices daunting. We know that we want a toilet with a skirted design that hides that trapway. Not only does this skirt makes the toilet easier to clean, but we also prefer the streamlined look of it. Other than that, I’m finding there to be a lot of options out there. After spending a few days researching, I’ve narrowed it down a bit. These are the seven toilets that are the current leading contenders:

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When You Have to Start Somewhere Start Small

Stripping Woodwork | This American HouseWe’re officially diving into the huge task of stripping woodwork in the house. My approach to big tasks is to start with a small portion and then work my way to the big stuff. It’s partially for that reason that we’re stripping the woodwork in the bathroom first. Being the smallest room in the house, it’s like dipping our toe in the water before we really plunge in. We’re also starting in this room because we’re working up way up to a full renovation of the bathroom in the coming months. Woodwork first, then flooring, then sink and toilet, etc.

Wish us luck!

The Hex Tile Obsession Continues Unabated

Vintage inspired hex tile floor on Mr. and Mr. Blandings

I long for the day when I can pull up the light brown flooring that lines the bathroom of the Dream House and install beautiful, vintage inspired hex tile. Until that day arrives, my gaze will fall longingly on any hex tile surface I encounter. The beautiful tile floor shown here is at a new coffee shop/bakery in the suburbs of Chicago. As I stood in line waiting to order my breakfast, I kept my eyes fixed on the flooring. While it’s a little busier than I envision for the bathroom, I love the design and detail. Oh how wonderful hex tile will look in the bathroom … someday.

Image: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

Shopping for a New Bathroom Sink


Although we won’t be ready to rip into the bathroom for another couple of months, we’re already shopping around for a new bathroom sink. Currently, there’s a really big bathroom vanity (which at some point was painted black), counter top and sink in the Dream House’s one and only full bathroom. We want to rip out this big old sink and replace it with something smaller, lighter and perhaps more period friendly. Check out some of our top bathroom sink replacement choices below.

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