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The Hex Tile Obsession Continues Unabated

Vintage inspired hex tile floor on Mr. and Mr. Blandings

I long for the day when I can pull up the light brown flooring that lines the bathroom of the Dream House and install beautiful, vintage inspired hex tile. Until that day arrives, my gaze¬†will fall longingly on any hex tile surface I encounter. The beautiful tile floor shown here is at a new coffee shop/bakery in the suburbs of Chicago. As I stood in line waiting to order my breakfast, I kept my eyes fixed on the flooring. While it’s a little busier than I envision for the bathroom, I love the design and detail. Oh how wonderful hex tile will look in the bathroom … someday.

Image: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

Shopping for a New Bathroom Sink


Although we won’t be ready to rip into the bathroom for another couple of months, we’re already shopping around for a new bathroom sink. Currently, there’s a really big bathroom vanity (which at some point was painted black), counter top and sink in the Dream House’s one and only full bathroom. We want to rip out this big old sink and replace it with something smaller, lighter and perhaps more period friendly. Check out some of our top bathroom sink replacement choices below.

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Demolition Sunday: Let the Bathroom Reno Begin

20140323-190245.jpgFueled by leftover roasted chicken and vegetables, we literally tore apart the bathroom cabinet. Let the bathroom renovation begin!

Vintage Charm: W.F. Norman Bathking Shower Insert


Rounding the corner in the tiny little bathroom in the basement, I literally squealed in glee the first first time I saw the shower. As I explained to anyone who would listen in the lead-up to closing on the house, I imagine Rita Hayworth behind the swinging doors in the all-metal shower insert, her red hair lathered up and a look of shock on her face. I don’t know why the shower conjures images of Ms. Hayworth other than the fact that it has a certain post-WWII charm to it. And, actually, I’m not far off in dating the shower as a late-1940’s design.

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Easy DIY: How to Replace a Shower Head


Replacing a shower head is one of the easiest bathroom DIY’s you can do. I’m talking five minute project start to finish. Yes, it’s really that easy. I’ve replaced the shower heads in almost every apartment we’ve lived in. (What can I say? I like a nice shower experience!) So, of course, when we got our hands on the Dream House, it was one of my first DIY projects. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for replacing your own shower head…

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