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Before & After: A Summer’s Worth of Landscaping Progress

Before & After: A Summer's Worth of Landscaping Progress

On this day after Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, it seems fitting to reflect on the progress we’ve made on the landscaping. We’re not even close to being finished and we’ll probably change it all again next year, but we feel like we’ve made some really good progress over our first summer at the house.

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Before(ish) & After: Reupholstered Chair Makeover

Before & After; Reupholstered Chair Project | This American House

On the left: a chair that has been re-painted to cover its 1980’s speckled faux wood finish. On the right: the same chair just before it left This American House with a freshly upholstered seat and cushion. Three cheers for DIY upholstery jobs!

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Before & After: Shades for the Dining Room

ugly curtains beforeWe’ve finally been able to take down these cheap sheer curtains from the dining room window. I may have done a little jig when that happened. I’ve never liked these curtains. In fact, I took them down and we lived with a bare window for a few months this winter. Then, during one of the arctic blasts that spread across the Midwest, I re-installed the curtains to gives us a little insulation. I can finally say good riddance to the curtains … and hello to our new streamlined shades!

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Before & After: Boring Brown Stair Risers Go Whiter, Brighter

stair risers before and after

By the time we finish renovating the Dream House, every single surface in it will have gotten a fresh coat of paint. Buoyed by the success of the freshly whitened wainscoting, I decided to tackle the stairs risers next. When we moved in, the risers were painted a dark, muddy brown. That brown may have worked when the walls in the stairway were painted a khaki color. Now that the walls are gray, however, the brown just wasn’t cutting it. Grab the roller and paint can – it’s time to lighted up the stairway!

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Before & After: The Sofa That Lost Its Skirt

sofa skirt before and after

The conversation with our friend Joan went something like this:

Me: This sofa is so comfortable and I LOVE the white upholstery.

Joan: Oh, I’m so tired of them. I want to reupholster them but I’m not quite ready yet.

Me: I like the upholstery. 

Joan: But I need a change. 

Me: Have you thought about removing the skirt?

Joan: Yes!

A week later Joan and I had the sofa on its back, staple gun and scissors in hand, giving her living room a quick and easy makeover…

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