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The Kitchen Then and Now: 1917 vs 2014

American System Built house kitchen floor plan

Finding some of the original cabinetry in the garageĀ felt like quite an accomplishment but it’s only half the battle. Maybe even less than half. It’s probably only a quarter of the battle. In order to re-install the original cabinetry in the kitchen, we’ll need to change the floor plan back to the original layout … except, of course, we’ll want to keep the mod cons that were added when the kitchen was rehabbed back in the 1970’s. And therein lies the problem.

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We Hope To Reuse The Original Kitchen Cabinetry in
Our American System-Built Home

We hope we can re-use the original kitchen cabinetry in our American System-Built homeJust as we reclaimed the original dining room doors in our American System-Built home, we also hope to reuse the original kitchen cabinets. That’s right, we still have the original cabinetry from our American System-Built home! Sitting in a corner by the garage door, covered in years of dust, cobwebs and peeling paint, these cabinets are just begging to be refinished and reclaimed.

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DIY Inspiration: Painting Tile Floors


While we plan to switch out this flooring in the kitchen and side entrance hallway, we’re a year or two away from being ready for the project. We won’t want to replace the flooring until we give the kitchen a major overhaul. And to redesign the kitchen, we need to save all of our nickels and dimes. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about covering the existing flooring to give it a little refresh.

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