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Before & After: The Sofa That Lost Its Skirt

sofa skirt before and after

The conversation with our friend Joan went something like this:

Me: This sofa is so comfortable and I LOVE the white upholstery.

Joan: Oh, I’m so tired of them. I want to reupholster them but I’m not quite ready yet.

Me: I like the upholstery. 

Joan: But I need a change. 

Me: Have you thought about removing the skirt?

Joan: Yes!

A week later Joan and I had the sofa on its back, staple gun and scissors in hand, giving her living room a quick and easy makeover…

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10 Ways to Use Funky Drinking Glasses Around the House

10 other uses for vintage drinking glasses

In shopping for secondhand furniture and accessories for the Dream House, I’ve come across a lot of kitschy old vintage drinking glasses. Nearly every thrift store and resale shop has a few shelves stocked with 50 cent glasses. I started picking up mismatched glassware and, as my collection has grown, I’ve found quite a few ways to use the glasses that don’t involve drinking.

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DIY Inspiration: Painting Tile Floors


While we plan to switch out this flooring in the kitchen and side entrance hallway, we’re a year or two away from being ready for the project. We won’t want to replace the flooring until we give the kitchen a major overhaul. And to redesign the kitchen, we need to save all of our nickels and dimes. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about covering the existing flooring to give it a little refresh.

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Cloth Extension Cords: Vintage Style, Modern Safety


Maybe it’s just me but have you ever noticed how an ugly extension cord snaking along the baseboard can ruin a whole room? Come on, you know you’ve noticed it too. And if you haven’t, you might now that I brought it up. (You’re welcome.)

I’m thinking about switching to something more like these cloth covered cords in the Dream House. Available in range of colors and styles, these cords are so cute I’ll probably want to find a way to display rather than hide them!

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Make Homemade Fire Starters with 2 Things You’re Already Putting in the Garbage


What do you use to start a fire? Those store-bought fire starting logs? Well, hello, Mr. and Mrs. Moneybags! Crumpled up newspaper? Yep, that’ll work (and will perhaps keep print media running). Top secret documents that you need to destroy? Um, yeah, that’ll work too (although I worry about the kinds of people you associate with). Have I got a better fire starter for you! And it’s two things you would throw into the garbage anyway!

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