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Golden Hour on a Cold Wintry Day

Don’t let the golden glow of the evening sun illuminating the sun porch fool you. This is one of those cold winter days that makes Iowa feel like Siberia. Thank God for central heating! We’ve had the thermostat cranked up to 71 degrees today trying to battle the arctic air that makes its way through the drafty old doors and windows. But somehow the cold air always seems to win.

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When Darkness Falls the Windows Come to Life

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To get a true appreciation for beauty of the windows in American System Built homes, it’s best to wait until after darkness falls. Oh that golden glow!

The First Snowfall of the Season

This American House: An American System Built Home

Here in the upper Midwest, the first snow of the season – whether it comes in October or December – is always exciting. Snow has a way of quieting the world and making the newly naked trees seem a little less obscene. It’s winter, folks. Grab the beauty while you can. For a new year awaits us on the other side.

Pic a Day: Leaves, Shadows & Blue Sky
November 11, 2014

Delbert Meier House | This American House

I snapped this photo before the rest of the leaves were gathered and burned. We made a big effort to clean up all the fallen leaves this year. The house sat neglected through much of summer and fall last year and by the time we closed on it at the end of November, there was a layer of snow covering everything. That made for a very labor intensive spring clean up. With the help of our friends Steve and Joan, we got the yard all cleaned up and ready to go for the winter. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready for snow!

Image: This American House

Pic a Day: Where There’s Smoke
November 4, 2014

Burning Leaves at This American House

This fall has been very busy for us. I’ve taken on a new full-time job and The Mister is working on a couple of side projects in addition to his work responsibilities. All of this is to say that we’re sorry for not posting much lately. I promise to at least resume the Pic a Day posts – starting with this one. We spent much of Saturday cleaning up the masses of leaves that had drifted down from the trees and settled on the lawn. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the aroma of burning leaves.