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It’s Curtains for These 40-Year-Old Sheets

It's Curtains for These 40-Year-Old Sheets | This American HouseAh, the joys of shopping at Goodwill. One day back in April I came across five unopened packages of white queen size sheets. Each package had been dated – in old lady handwriting, no less! – starting in 1973 and ending in 1980. These poor sheets have been suffocating inside their plastic wrapping all those years. Don’t worry, 40-year-old virgin sheets. I’ll find a use for you!

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This Vintage Ekco Vegetable Peeler Just Wants to Be Used

vintage Ekco vegetable peeler

I was having one of those mostly unsuccessful trips to the antique mall so I started digging deeper. You know, crouching down and looking behind things and really searching for a good find. I was NOT going to leave empty handed dammit! And then there it was, a vintage Ekco vegetable peeler still attached to its original packaging. Take me home and use me, it seemed to say to me. Don’t mind if i do!

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Secondhand Stories: Dormey Hand Mixer

Dormey Hand Mixer

It wasn’t until we were hosting a dinner party and had planned on serving a dessert with whipped cream that I realized I was lacking a mixer at the Dream House. Back at the city apartment I have The Mister’s mother’s old Sunbeam stand mixer but here at the house I’m mixer-less. I added a mixer to my list of things to try to find while thrifting and within a week I found this vintage Dormey mixer.

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Secondhand Story: Joanne’s Handcrafted 1970’s Dinnerware

handcrafted dishware from the 1970'sOur collection of secondhand ceramics continues to grow. Every time I’m in a Goodwill store I seem to find at least one or two handmade pieces to add to the collection. Most recently at a Goodwill in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, I bought a collection of orange bowls and cups made by a lady named Joanne.

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Shopping Craigslist: You Win Some, You Lose Some

west elm spoke chairs

I spent a couple of weeks back in the city and, although I hated being separated from our beloved Dream House, I used the time productively. And by productively I mean that I spent most of my time shopping for the house.

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