Shopping for a New Light Fixture for the Hallway


Now that the side entry hallway has been painted and art has been installed, it’s time to switch out the light fixture. We’ve been shopping around for a light fixture that has vintage styling but still provides good lighting. These nine fixtures are some of our favorites so far…


  1. Columbia Small Single Sconce from Rejuvenation ($290)
  2. Pinehurst Mission Style Sconce from Rejuvenation ($410)
  3. Topless Wire Guard Sconce from Barn Light Electric ($158)
  4. Newbury Sconce from Schoolhouse Electric ($89)
  5. Truman Sconce from Schoolhouse Electric ($139)
  6. Wheeler Wilcox Wall Sconce from Barn Light Electric ($230)
  7. Delores 1-Light Wall Lamp from Lamps USA ($76)
  8. Thornton 1-Light Wall Sconce from Lamps USA ($58)
  9. Jackson Collection Wall Sconce from House of Antique Hardware ($130)

— J. Blandings

Images: 1. Mr. and Mr. Blandings; All others: credited above.

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