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Spring Awakening: Filling the Window Box with Prairie Grass

American System Built home window flower box

I’ve been waiting all winter for this. Seriously, I sounded like a broken record all winter long. I can’t wait to get my hands on that window box, I would say over and over again. I’m going to plant some decorative grasses in there as soon as I’m able, I promised. Last weekend, I did just that. My next test in patience will be seeing if it grows!

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American Design: Prairie School in the 21st Century

a Prairie style house at the corner of Dempster and Ridge in Evanston, IL

I wonder whether Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Burley Griffin and the other architects of the Prairie School had any notion that, 100 years later, we’d still be seeing new designs based on their principles. Actually, they probably had every intention of creating an enduring style. According the Prairie School wikipedia definition:

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Before & After: Goodbye Mr. Big Light

020114-light-01As I’ve been switching out lighting in the Dream House I’ve loved seeing what a difference a small change can make. As I posted previously, I’ve been replacing the existing light fixtures with porcelain lampholders and Edison bulbs. I started upstairs in the bedrooms and hallway and now I’m moving downstairs. Despite the fact that the rest of the dining room looks terrible (ugh, those sheers curtains!), I still want to post about saying goodbye to Mr. Big Light.

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How We Met Mr. Wright & Fell in Love with a House

1917 - Meier House 2

The dream house as it looked soon after it was built in 1917.

When we’ve told family, friends and colleagues about our purchase of the Dream House, the reaction has typically gone like this:

“Wow! Congratulations! Where is the house?”
“In Iowa.”
(Pause. Eyes widening and mouths falling somewhat open.) “Iowa? Isn’t that kind of…far?”
“Well, yes it is. But it’s a very special house. ”

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