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Test Lab: Does the Pocket Hose Really Work?

Does the Pocket Hose Actually Work? | This American House

I tittered at the name splashed across the package. “Pocket Hose. The House That Grows.” My inner thirteen-year-old boy found the sexual innuendo absolutely hilarious. I snapped a photo and put it, along with a witty caption, on Instagram months ago. Beyond the seemingly obscene name, does the expanding Pocket Hose¬†actually work? Now that we have a house with a lawn and garden, I decided to find out!

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Will a $27 Vacuum Cleaner Suck?

Dirt Devil Cyclonic Review

Mr. Blandings called me from the apartment back in the city on Sunday and said that he was cleaning up for the week. He took out the garbage and scooped the cat’s litter box and generally got things in order. You know, typical Sunday afternoon stuff. “But then when I went to vacuum,” he said, “I discovered we don’t have one here anymore!”

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