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The Great Compact Car Search of 2014: Scion IQ

The Great Compact Car Search of 2014: Scion IQ | This American House

We’re in the market for a new car and we’re taking you along with us! It’s time to retire our 2005 Honda Element after 170,000 dependable miles. We’re going to keep the Element for hauling but it’s time to take it out of daily use. Since we’ll still have the Element for cargo, we want to replace it with a compact car. Follow along as we go on the great compact car search of 2014. First up…

2014 Scion IQ

We’re the kind of guys who were thrilled when the Smart Car arrived in the US. Those cute little two-seaters had us swooning on a trip to Europe back in 2001 and we contemplated getting one when they landed stateside. The Smart Car’s terrible service record and bad handling were enough to keep us from pulling the trigger. (Although it didn’t stop us from buying a Mini Cooper, a car that came with its own set of problems.)

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Thar She Blows! Our Pocket Hose Is Already Leaking

Thar She Blows! Our Pocket Hose Sprang a Leak | This American House

We were hoping the Pocket Hose wasn’t too good to be true. If we could get just one summer out of the “hose that grows” we’d be happy. Sadly, just two months into use, our Pocket Hose, that suggestively named garden hose, sprang a leak.

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