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Small Business Spotlight: Turkey River Mall in Elkader, Iowa

Turkey River Mall in Elkader, Iowa | This American House

We found Turkey River Mall pretty quickly after we moved into our house. I don’t remember how we found it – whether it was recommended by a local or whether we just stumped upon it – but it’s where we picked up our $10 bedside table, our $29 dining room table, and many, many more things to furnish the house. Each time we’ve gone into the mall, I’ve marveled at the ingenious use of this former hotel. After months of shopping at Turkey River Mall, I finally sat down with the owner, Becky Dietzler, to get a little history on the building and the business.

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Mr. and Mr. Blandings Go to Auction & Buy a Cup of Coffee

Mr. and Mr. Blandings Visit a Sweeney Auction

Feeling like we’ve exhausted our search for Dream House furnishings at┬álocal flea markets and antique malls, The Mister and I are ready to jump into the world of auctions. Judging by our first visit to an auction this weekend, however, we’ve got a little learning to do!

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