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Perfectly Imperfect: Our $29 Dining Room Table


I’ve been looking for a dining room table for a couple of months now but have always bulked at prices. This is our first dining room in many years and, knowing that we’ll frequently entertain in the Dream House, I want a rectangular table to will seat six. I fell in love with a couple of tables from West Elm but I couldn’t justify spending upwards of $600 on a table right now. So imagine my delight when I came across a rustic old table for $29 at the antique mall!

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Secondhand Stories: I Found All the Answers at Goodwill


There’s a big new Goodwill store that’s about halfway between the city apartment and the Dream House. No matter which direction I’m going, whether to or fro, I make a point of stopping at this particular Goodwill. It’s a big store, nice and clean in its newness, and I usually find at least one interesting thing. On yesterday’s visit that interesting thing was this answer canister.

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To Strip or Not to Strip: Plans for the Woodwork


Before we even stepped foot in the Dream House for the first time, Mr. Blandings and I were already discussing the merits of the woodwork. Initially he was pushing for stripping the woodwork and I, having some experience with such a monumental task, was quite happy to leave it painted white. As we delved into the house and its history¬†a little more, and as we saw photos of a lovingly restored¬†American System Built home in Milwaukee, I started to see M’s point.

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Cloth Extension Cords: Vintage Style, Modern Safety


Maybe it’s just me but have you ever noticed how an ugly extension cord snaking along the baseboard can ruin a whole room? Come on, you know you’ve noticed it too. And if you haven’t, you might now that I brought it up. (You’re welcome.)

I’m thinking about switching to something more like these cloth covered cords in the Dream House. Available in range of colors and styles, these cords are so cute I’ll probably want to find a way to display rather than hide them!

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The Cabinet That Used to Be a Clock (We Think)


One of the best things about furnishing the Dream House with secondhand goods is coming across things like this cabinet. We were browsing around an antique mall in a nearby town and came across the old wood cabinet with glass door. The little tag on it said something simple like homemade cabinet. How charming, right?

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