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Finding Ways to Stay Warm in the Dream House


As a blizzard roared by the Dream House last night, I was hunkered down on the sofa, trying to stay warm. The winds last night were brutal. Sitting inside this big, old, quiet house, it sounded like a hurricane was raging outside. It was so windy, in fact, that if it were summer I would have been preparing my tornado evacuation plan.

Despite my multiple layers of clothes and two pairs of socks, I was still feeling the effects of the cold. It was almost as if I could feel the cold air drifting across the hardwood floors and right across  my feet. And in some ways, I could! As I walked past the front door a little while later, I noticed that some snow was blowing through the crack under the door and collecting in a little puddle inside the house. No wonder it’s so damned cold in the living room!

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