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20+ Sofa Brands That Are Still Made in America



In all our years together as a cohabiting couple, Mr. Blandings and I have only owned one new sofa. It was a cheap “leather” sofa that we didn’t exactly love but it was in our price range and we were in a rush to furnish an apartment. Within two years of owning it, the leather on the cheap imported sofa started to crack and split. If you know anything about it leather, you know that it’s not supposed to crack. That our leather sofa turned out to be “leatherette” shouldn’t have surprised us. At just over $500 new, of course it wasn’t made with real leather. In addition to shoddy materials, it was also one of the most uncomfortable sofas to ever grace my behind. We sold that cheap, cracking sofa on Craigslist a few years ago and, with limited space in our tiny apartment, we’ve been living without one ever since… 

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