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10 Totally Different DIY Pendant Lights


10 DIY Pendant Light Projects

I love a good ol’ craft project. Nothing makes me happier than spending a weekend afternoon with a project spread across the dining room table. In looking around for alternative lighting for the Dream house, I came across a number of amazing DIY pendant lights. From garbage cans to ice buckets, it seems like just about anything can become a light fixture!

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Before & After: Goodbye Mr. Big Light


020114-light-01As I’ve been switching out lighting in the Dream House I’ve loved seeing what a difference a small change can make. As I posted previously, I’ve been replacing the existing light fixtures with porcelain lampholders and Edison bulbs. I started upstairs in the bedrooms and hallway and now I’m moving downstairs. Despite the fact that the rest of the dining room looks terrible (ugh, those sheers curtains!), I still want to post about saying goodbye to Mr. Big Light.

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Before & After: The $10 Replacement for Ugly Light Fixtures



The lighting in the Dream House house leaves a lot to be desired. We could easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing all of the ugly “boob lights” and ceiling fans with period specific fixtures appropriate to our American System Built home. Or, we could spend $10 per fixture and get a temporary measure that fits the house’s era and design, but doesn’t break the bank. And that’s exactly what we did.

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Let There Be (Motion Activated & Battery Operated) Light



We love the big stairway that leads to the second floor of the Dream House but we don’t always love how dark it can be. Yes, there’s an overhead light (actually, a ceiling fan, which will eventually get switched out for a standard light fixture) but there are times (like the middle of the night) when we find ourselves walking up or down a very dark stairway. To say it can be a bit treacherous is an understatement. Browsing around at The Container Store, I found the perfect solution: a motion activated and battery operated LED floodlight. And the best part is that it was super easy to install. Here’s how I did it:

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