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Adventures in Stripping: Testing Dumond Peel Away Paint Remover … With Mixed Results


Dumond Peel Away Paint Remover

In our search for an easy and relatively painless way to strip the paint from the wood trim and brick fireplace, we stumbled upon Dumond’s Peel Away paint remover. We were dubious about Peel Away’s purported ability to remove up to 30 coats of paint in one application, so we ordered a sample from the company and gave it a try. We tested the product on our brick fireplace as well as on woodwork and had mixed results…

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To Strip or Not to Strip: Plans for the Woodwork



Before we even stepped foot in the Dream House for the first time, Mr. Blandings and I were already discussing the merits of the woodwork. Initially he was pushing for stripping the woodwork and I, having some experience with such a monumental task, was quite happy to leave it painted white. As we delved into the house and its history a little more, and as we saw photos of a lovingly restored American System Built home in Milwaukee, I started to see M’s point.

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