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Hello, $10 Secondhand Bedside Table. I Think I Love You.


030514-bedside-tableIn anticipation of our weekend house guests, I spent some time last week trying to finish off rooms. In the master bedroom, there was a metal crate resting between the two vintage twin beds as a sort of makeshift bedside table (as you can see in this progress post). Since our guests would be using this room I thought it would be nice to replace the crate with an actual table. After scouring every inch of the antique mall I found the perfect little painted table … and it was only $10!

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decorating, furnishing, furniture, secondhand stories

Perfectly Imperfect: Our $29 Dining Room Table



I’ve been looking for a dining room table for a couple of months now but have always bulked at prices. This is our first dining room in many years and, knowing that we’ll frequently entertain in the Dream House, I want a rectangular table to will seat six. I fell in love with a couple of tables from West Elm but I couldn’t justify spending upwards of $600 on a table right now. So imagine my delight when I came across a rustic old table for $29 at the antique mall!

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Secondhand Stories: I Found All the Answers at Goodwill



There’s a big new Goodwill store that’s about halfway between the city apartment and the Dream House. No matter which direction I’m going, whether to or fro, I make a point of stopping at this particular Goodwill. It’s a big store, nice and clean in its newness, and I usually find at least one interesting thing. On yesterday’s visit that interesting thing was this answer canister.

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Welcome Home: Steel Magnolias at the Thrift Store


steel-magnoliasThere’s a thrift store in a nearby town that I visit at least once a week. It’s not the best thrift store – they don’t have any furniture and their hours are kind of limited – but I’ve found a few gems here, including our glassware and Michael Graves phone.

On one of my very first visits to the store, Steel Magnolia was playing on the televisions. Now, if you don’t this late 80’s cinematic gem, you’re missing out. With an all star cast of leading ladies, including Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine, I immediately fell in love with this tear jerker the first time I saw it as a teenage boy.

Later, as a lonely college student in my first apartment, I literally wore out my VHS copy of the movie. I think I actually broke down in tears on the afternoon the VCR at my tape.

Fast forward 20 years to the day I walked into the thrift store and saw the film screening on the bulky old televisions. It felt like a welcoming hug from my new hometown.

“Drink your juice, Shelby,” I muttered to myself and giggled.

“Welcome home, Mr. and Mr. Blandings,” the movie seemed to say in return.

— J. Blandings