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Kitchen Mini-Renovation: We’re Going to Need a Backsplash


Here’s a little don’t-always-believe-what-you-see lesson for the internet age. Note how nice the wall looks in the photo above. The space above the newly installed countertop looks smooth and cleanly painted, right? You might even think that if I would just touch up that little bit of door frame to the left in the photo, I’d be all good to go. If this were a photo on Instagram, you might comment with something like, “Wow! It looks like you’re almost done!”

Well, what you see online and in social media posts may not always be as it seems. Take this wall for instance. While some patchwork and a fresh coat of paint has it looking “internet good,” reality is a totally different story.

If you were to come for a visit and see the kitchen in person, then you would notice all the flaws. And there are many, many flaws. For starters, my patch job is a little, uh, spotty. Have you ever tried to patch old plaster walls? It’s not easy! I thought that I had all the nicks and gauges filled in and sanded smooth. But then after I appliedĀ a coatĀ of gray paint all the imperfections became glaringly obvious.

In addition to the marred walls, there’s also the little matter of the drywall not meeting the countertop (as shown in the photo above). When I ripped out the old countertop and discovered that the drywall didn’t extend behind the cabinetry, it didn’t occur to me that the new countertop would not be as proficient as the old at hiding this little imperfection.

So does the wall look better than it did when we started this project? Take a look at this photo mid-patch and be the judge. Of course it looks better! But only from a distance.

I could try to patch that gap where the drywall doesn’t meet the countertop, of course. And I could go back and patch the walls again. But at this point I think we’ll just install a backsplash in the kitchen. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at tiling and what better place to experiment than in the kitchen?

In the meantime, I’ll just share photos of the kitchen online and keep any real life visitors distracted so they don’t notice the walls.

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