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Spring Treat: Lily of the Valley on the Bedside Table


Lily of the Valley flowers in a bud vase make for a wonderful bedside treat

I wish there was a scratch and sniff option for blogs. For only then could you know how this little vase of Lily of the Valley flowers on the bedside table has been such a treat. As I lay my head down on the pillow last night, I breathed in the sweet smell of the flowers and drifted off to a dreamland populated¬†with wildflowers and overgrown prairies. Even as the cat¬†roused me from my sleep with incessant imploring meows at sunrise (“Give me tuna!”) I breathed in deep and was once again at peace.

Thanks, Mother Nature, for your abundant spring treats. And a special thanks to our friend Joan for pointing out the Lily of the Valley plants growing in our front yard!

Image: This American House

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