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We Found Our Affordable American-Made Sofa!



One of my first posts here on the blog was about our search for an American-made sofa for the Dream House. We’re trying to decorate the house with mostly secondhand goods, but we decided to splurge on a brand new sofa (and mattresses, too).  After toying with spending way more than our budget would allow, I stumbled upon a sofa in a local furniture store one weekend day. The sofa was not only in our price range (under budget even!), it was made in the United States. Sold!

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The Totally Free, All-Natural DIY Window Covering


012314-window-film-01I’ve been struggling a bit with how to cover the windows in the Dream House. Because the windows are so beautiful and since they’re such an integral part of the house’s design, I want to keep them as exposed as possible. However, we also want some privacy. Here in the entryway, for instance, there’s a window by the front door that faces the street. I love the light but I don’t like feeling like my house is wide open for all to see. I came up with a solution that honors the window, still allows in plenty of light and gives us privacy. Oh, and I did it all for free.

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Before & After: The $10 Replacement for Ugly Light Fixtures



The lighting in the Dream House house leaves a lot to be desired. We could easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing all of the ugly “boob lights” and ceiling fans with period specific fixtures appropriate to our American System Built home. Or, we could spend $10 per fixture and get a temporary measure that fits the house’s era and design, but doesn’t break the bank. And that’s exactly what we did.

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