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It’s Curtains for These 40-Year-Old Sheets


It's Curtains for These 40-Year-Old Sheets | This American HouseAh, the joys of shopping at Goodwill. One day back in April I came across five unopened packages of white queen size sheets. Each package had been dated – in old lady handwriting, no less! – starting in 1973 and ending in 1980. These poor sheets have been suffocating inside their plastic wrapping all those years. Don’t worry, 40-year-old virgin sheets. I’ll find a use for you!

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Design Dilemma: How to Dress the Dream House’s Windows


window dilemma in American System-Built home

I’ve been struggling with a major design dilemma at the Dream House. While I have a fairly clear picture of how I want most of the rooms to look, I’m struggling with how to dress the windows. My usual approach to window coverings is to go high and wide. That is, hang long beautiful drapes that will reach the floor as high as you can get, just below the ceiling or crown molding, and much wider than the window itself. This treatment frames the window beautifully and often makes the room look taller.

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