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Hello, $10 Secondhand Bedside Table. I Think I Love You.


030514-bedside-tableIn anticipation of our weekend house guests, I spent some time last week trying to finish off rooms. In the master bedroom, there was a metal crate resting between the two vintage twin beds as a sort of makeshift bedside table (as you can see in this progress post). Since our guests would be using this room I thought it would be nice to replace the crate with an actual table. After scouring every inch of the antique mall I found the perfect little painted table … and it was only $10!

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Before & After: Making Progress in the Master Bedroom


022014-master-bedroom01There’s nothing better than putting before and after pics side by side (or top to bottom as the case may be) to see the progress that’s being made on the Dream House. This is especially important when we start getting impatient with ourselves and feeling like we’re not getting enough done. So let’s take a look at how the master bedroom has changed since we moved in a three months ago.

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