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The Floyd Leg: Give Detroit (& Your Table) a Leg to Stand On



You’ve probably heard the idiom, “You haven’t got a leg to stand on,” right? Well, clearly whoever coined that phrase didn’t know about The Floyd Leg. (Which is undoubtedly because it wasn’t invented yet!) This new DIY table leg design from Detroit duo Kyle Hoff  and Alex O’Dell is so simple it’s brilliant!


With The Floyd Leg, you can create a table out of just about any flat surface, no tools required. These simple, clean-lined steel legs attach to the tabletop with a clamp. As seen in the gif above, you could use an old door or window to create a table or desk. Or pick up a big piece of MDF from the hardware store or maybe even a scrap of granite to DIY a table.


Made in Detroit using American steel, the legs were named after Hoff’s “father, grandfather, and great grandfather, all steel mill workers.” The legs are available in 16″ coffee table height and 29″ dining table/desk height.

The Floyd Leg had an initial Kickstarter goal of $18,000. With just a couple more days of fundraising to go, they have already raised over $200,000 for the project. A pledge of $189 or more will get you a set of either the 16″ or 29″ legs, with shipping expected in April 2014.

For more information on The Floyd Leg, check out their kickstarter page.

— J. Blandings

Images: The Floyd Leg

via: Slate

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