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Using the Kobalt Cordless Mower for the First Time
And Coming Up with New Landscaping Plans Along the Way!


Kobalt 40v Cordless Rechargeable Lawn Mower

It seems fitting that I spent my Earth Day using our new Kobalt 40V cordless rechargeable lawn mower. Well, actually, I spent the past two days using the mower. As suspected, the two batteries included with the mower do not provide enough power to mow our entire 3/4 acre yard in one session. I think I can have a way around that though!

First, let me tell you about the new lawn mower. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I did a bunch of research on cordless mowers? Yeah, well, I did what I normally do. Research, ponder, wait too long and then buy it at the last minute. The kicker here is that this Kobalt mower wasn’t even on my list! But I was shopping at Lowe’s on Easter Sunday and made an the impulse purchase based on time, distance and lack of Easter basket.

You see, the closest Lowe’s to the Dream House is about a 70 minute drive. I’m normally an in and out kind of shopper but after making the long trek from the house to the store, I decided to browse a little. And that’s how I happened upon this lawn mower, sitting out in the middle of the aisle, practically begging me to take it home. I did a full shopping circuit around the store before I doubled back and put the mower on a cart. So I guess it wasn’t really a total impulse – more like a considered impulse.

Here are my initial thoughts on using a rechargeable electric lawn mower:

  • It’s oh so quiet!
  • The push button start is the best!
  • Chopped down grass like a champ.
  • It also chomped up leaves pretty efficiently.
  • Although not self-propelled, the mower is so light that it’s still easy to push.
  • I wish the battery level indicator was more easily accessible. To check the battery level you have to stop mowing and open the cover on top of the mower.
Kobalt Cordless Mower Battery

The Kobalt cordless mower’s battery in its charger.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with the mower. I already suspected that I would need additional batteries to mow the entire yard in one session so I’m cool with that. Honestly, I’m OK with the extra expense of a spare battery versus buying gas and burning oil.

Besides, I have a plan! Like most modern homes, our yard is covered in grass that requires mowing and manicuring. So what if we take out some of the grass and replace it with wildflowers and prairie grass? Not only will the yard require less maintenance with decorative grasses and wildflowers, it will also be a more era appropriate landscape for our 1917 ASB home. I’d much rather spend my summer afternoons enjoying cocktails surrounded by rustling prairie grass than mowing a darn yard!

— J. Blandings

Image: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

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  • Reply Steven White 06/30/2020 at 9:55 am

    One of the main reasons to take a look at this particular type of mower is that it is extremely lightweight. This means it is especially useful if you do not want to push a heavy mower around the garden, particularly if you have a large expanse of grass. This makes them ideal for for older people who may not have a great deal of strength.

    • Reply Jason 07/01/2020 at 12:39 pm

      Great point! It was really easy to use. We just wish the battery would last longer so we could mow the entire yard in one go.

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