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Buy Local: A Visit to WW Homestead Dairy Creamery Store


Cow mural on the side of WW Homestead Dairy buildingEven before we had the dream house, back when we only got out of the city a couple times per year, we’ve always made attempts to buy locally sourced and organic meat, dairy and produce. We’ve shopped at farmer’s markets and joined CSA’s and, of course, shopped at Whole Foods to avoid factory farmed food. Now that we have the Dream House, a whole new world of local food is right outside our door.

I first purchased a carton of WW Homestead Dairy milk, along with a roll of butter, at one of the small independent grocery stores in the area. The simple label on the milk carton states that the milk is pasteurized but non-homogenized and is rBST/Growth Hormone Free. I was sold on the milk before I even tasted it. And then once I did taste it – well, there was no going back!

The next time I was at the grocery, however, I could only find the stuff from the big brands. But I can’t go back to the big factory farm milk, I thought. Thank goodness for the internet. A quick search turned up the WW Homestead Dairy store in nearby Waukon. The store sells the dairy’s milk, butter and ice cream, along with ice cream cakes (I haven’t had one of those in a long time!) and cheese.

WW Homestead Dairy store in Waukon, Iowa

The website also turned up additional information on the dairy. The dairy is owned and operated by four men with multi-generational farming experience. The milk itself is sourced from two local farms within minutes of the Waukon creamery. And the cheese is made by the creamery manager, who holds a Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s License.

All of this may not seem all that remarkable but for two guys who have gone to great lengths (and expense) to buy locally produced organic products, being able to drive a short distance to buy dairy that’s sourced from local cows is just about the neatest thing ever. And of course now we’re itching to take the farm and processing plant tour so we can really see how the milk is made!


— J. Blandings

Images: Mr. and Mr. Blandings

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