Phone Home: How to Reset the Lock Screen on iPhone iOS 10 So You Don’t Have to Press the Home Button


Phone Home: How to Reset the Lock Screen on iPhone iOS 10

My iPhone is such a big part of my life that it is practically an extension of my hand. I use it for work and my personal life, for reading books and watching stupid cat videos, for waking up and going to sleep. My phone is in my hand so much that I’m surprised my skin hasn’t fused with the leather J. Crew cover that protects it.

With all of this frequent use, it’s no wonder that I quickly develop habits with the phone. There are movements – like using my thumbprint to bring the phone to life and quickly access the home screen – that are practically instinctive. And then when Apple goes and releases a software update (which, admittedly, does include some fun new features) I’m forced to change my habits. Usually I can adjust pretty quickly but the new way to unlock the home screen in iOS 10 has been causing me all kinds of problems.  And clearly I’m not alone.

I came upon the solution to resetting the home screen in a friend’s Facebook link of MacRumors post. It’s just five easy steps:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to the General section
  • Choose Accessibility
  • Scroll down to Home button and tap the option
  • Toggle on “Rest Finger to Open”

Hooray for a simple fix! This old dog can continue refusing new tricks.

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