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Bask in the Glow of Supermoon 2014


Supermoon 2014 at This American House

If there are clear skies where you are this evening, look up at the supermoon. What’s that? you ask. A supermoon? Did someone put a cape on the moon? No, silly, a supermoon is just another term for the Perigee moon, meaning the moon is bigger and brighter than it has been in the past 20 years. And it’s all happening tonight!

Supermoon 2014 | This American House

We could already see the effects of the supermoon last night. We spent hours walking around the yard and basking in the moonlight. We threw open the curtains and watched as the shadows from the tree limbs danced on the walls and ceiling. And then we’d go back outside and marvel at the moon’s day-glow. “Stand over there int he moonlight,” I said to The Mister. Yep, that’s moonlight that’s shining down on him. Not a streetlight.

Delbert Meier House | This American House

While we were outside, we turned on every light in the house and snapped some photos of the windows. Oh those windows! They get me every time!

Happy Sunday, folks! May the supermoon light up a night full of summer loving.

Images: This American House

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