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Beside My Bed: Lindsay Humes of The Garden Apt.


This is the second post in a series looking at what we keep on our bedside tables. I kicked off the series with a look at my own table a few weeks ago. This week we’re taking a peek inside the bedroom of Chicago-based blogger and designer Lindsay Humes.

Beside My Bed: Lindsay Humes of The Garden Apt.

Lindsay Humes is a very busy lady during the day. Whether publishing posts on her blog, The Garden Apt., collaborating on projects with indie retailers or designing and developing websites for small businesses, Lindsay is a whirling dervish of productivity. So when it comes time to retire at the end of the day, Lindsay likes to tuck herself away in a space that is simple and calming.

You won’t find much muss or fuss on Lindsay’s bedside table. It’s just the basics here – the supplies to help unwind after an eventful day. Even the nightstand itself is a simple tray table. Lindsay walks us through her sleep style with this Beside My Bed post.

Beside My Bed: Lindsay Humes of The Garden Apt.

  • I like to keep my bedroom very simple, straight-forward and purposeful. I’m also a big fan of very delicate furniture for the bedroom; hence why I opted for these mutli-functional CB2 Tray Tables as my nightstand.
  • I use my iPhone as my alarm, but that also means it is the ultimate distracter* (emails, social media, etc). So, part of my nighttime routine involves a cup of bedtime tea and lighting a candle.
  • The dried eucalyptus also adds to the relaxed, calming feeling of my bedroom. I really enjoy reflecting on the day with these two items, both of which are particularly calming.
  • I wear the same jewelry everyday, so I’ve picked up a little tray (either from a sale section or vintage store, I can’t remember). It’s perfect for collecting the day’s artifacts.
  • As for my books, they are usually on a weekly rotation of whatever I’m currently reading.

*Did you know that you can set your iPhone to “Do Not Disturb” at night? You can also set your phone to airplane mode to give you a little peace and quiet during the important nighttime hours. Try doing this at least one hour before bedtime and give your brain a chance to slow down for a better night’s sleep.

Follow Lindsay on her sustainable design blog The Garden Apt..

Images: The Garden Apt.

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