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Secondhand Stories: Dormey Hand Mixer


Dormey Hand Mixer

It wasn’t until we were hosting a dinner party and had planned on serving a dessert with whipped cream that I realized I was lacking a mixer at the Dream House. Back at the city apartment I have The Mister’s mother’s old Sunbeam stand mixer but here at the house I’m mixer-less. I added a mixer to my list of things to try to find while thrifting and within a week I found this vintage Dormey mixer.

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The Floyd Leg: Give Detroit (& Your Table) a Leg to Stand On



You’ve probably heard the idiom, “You haven’t got a leg to stand on,” right? Well, clearly whoever coined that phrase didn’t know about The Floyd Leg. (Which is undoubtedly because it wasn’t invented yet!) This new DIY table leg design from Detroit duo Kyle Hoff  and Alex O’Dell is so simple it’s brilliant!

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We Found Our Affordable American-Made Sofa!



One of my first posts here on the blog was about our search for an American-made sofa for the Dream House. We’re trying to decorate the house with mostly secondhand goods, but we decided to splurge on a brand new sofa (and mattresses, too).  After toying with spending way more than our budget would allow, I stumbled upon a sofa in a local furniture store one weekend day. The sofa was not only in our price range (under budget even!), it was made in the United States. Sold!

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