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Cloth Extension Cords: Vintage Style, Modern Safety



Maybe it’s just me but have you ever noticed how an ugly extension cord snaking along the baseboard can ruin a whole room? Come on, you know you’ve noticed it too. And if you haven’t, you might now that I brought it up. (You’re welcome.)

I’m thinking about switching to something more like these cloth covered cords in the Dream House. Available in range of colors and styles, these cords are so cute I’ll probably want to find a way to display rather than hide them!


Mason and Craft offers their 3-conductor, 18-gauge cords in two colors: cotton black and gold rayon (shown above). The cords are 8-feet in length and made in Los Angeles of US components.


Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Company‘s cords are made in Portland, Oregon and come in three styles: red and white chevron (above), black and khaki houndstooth and black.  


Best Made Company offers three color options: red and white herringbone, solid red and solid black. The cloth cords are made in Massachusetts and then assembled in New York.


Timberson gives you the really vintage look with their twisted cords. Available in red, mustard, gray, antique bronze, black and copper, these 10-foot cords are hand-made in Amherst, Ohio. (They also have six colorful mid-century modern styles in their etsy shop.)


Sundial Wire has the widest range of cord sets in terms of color, length and gauge. They do require a bit of DIYing though. The cords have a plug on one end and the other is bare wire to be attached to a lamp, appliance or socket. (I see a lot of updated lamps in my future.)


I should note that all of the cords I’ve referenced above are intended for  for light household and indoor use only. There’s also a great tutorial for making this DIY sculptural extension cord on Design Sponge (above). I could imagine disguising a heavy duty cord for a window air condition or some such using this braiding technique.

— J. Blandings

Images: Mason and CraftSchoolhouse Electric & Supply CompanyBest Made CompanyTimbersonSundial WireDesign Sponge.

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