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Which Throne Will We Own? Shopping for a New Toilet


Which Throne Will We Own? Shopping for a New Toilet | This American House

Starting with baby steps on the bathroom project is starting to pay off. I’ve gotten most of the woodwork stripped and once it’s sanded and I’ve applied a finish it will be time to move on to the big stuff.

We know that we’ll need to replace the toilet and sink and vanity in the bathroom. While I thought that shopping for a new toilet would be an easy task, I’m finding the choices daunting. We know that we want a toilet with a skirted design that hides that trapway. Not only does this skirt makes the toilet easier to clean, but we also prefer the streamlined look of it. Other than that, I’m finding there to be a lot of options out there. After spending a few days researching, I’ve narrowed it down a bit. These are the seven toilets that are the current leading contenders:

  1. American Standard Town Square Two-Piece Toilet ($362) The price point is quite affordable for this handsome toilet. (I never in my wildest dreams thought I would call a toilet handsome!)
  2. American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise Two-Piece Toilet ($490) This high efficiency toilet is also easy on the wallet and the eyes.
  3. Toto Aimes One-Piece Toilet ($1,105) This is definitely on the the very high end of our bathroom budget but damn is that an attractive toilet! Plus, I’ve heard that Toto toilets are unrivaled in quality.
  4. Whitehaus Magic Flush One-Piece Toilet ($450) The short tank on this toilet is what appeals. The styling reminds me of the more expensive Toto toilet but at half the price.
  5. Kohler San Souci Touchless One-Piece Toilet ($933) If I were a little more of a germophobe, this toilet would win hands down. The touchless technology allows you to flush the toilet simply by waving your hand over the tank. (Also available in a $365 two-option)
  6. Kohler Saile One-Piece Toilet ($949) The modern, streamlined shape of this toilet would look great in our bathroom. But, again, it’s on the upper end of our budget.
  7. DXV Fitzgerald Two-Piece Toilet ($730) The styling of this toilet seems like something Frank Lloyd Wright himself would have appreciated. Straight lines + shiny vitreous china = lovely!

So far, the leading contenders are the American Standard Town Square (#1), the Whitehaus Magic Flush (#4) and the DXV Fitzgerald (#7). Is it weird that I kind of wish there was a try-it-before-you-buy-it option for toilets?

What do you think? Does one toilet stand out above all the rest?

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