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Small Town Lament: I Miss Craigslist!


West Elm Henry Love Seat | This American House

I’ve been back in the city for a few days, trying to make the most of what a major metropolitan area has to offer. I’ve had food delivered, used public transit and bought some specialty foods. But one thing tops all of that. One thing is even better than some random dude dropping off Thai food at my front door. I used Craigslist to list and sell something I no longer wanted.

I bought a white settee a couple of years ago. It was meant to be a stand-in for a love seat or something else that would offer more comfort. It was planned as a short term solution that stretched on a little longer than I had intended. Like most furniture in the city apartment, I bought the settee on Craigslist. For $100 I got a piece of furniture that someone else no longer wanted. It was perfect.

I finally got a new (to us) love seat/twin sleeper a few weeks ago. I found it on Craigslist, naturally. It was less than half the cost of a new Henry Sleeper sofa at West Elm and, other than the intense back strain from hefting it up three flights of stairs, it’s absolutely perfect for our tiny condo.How I Miss Craigslist | This American House

Now that the settee has been replaced, it has also been displaced. For the past month the settee has been pushed into the second bedroom, which we use as a den, and basically just getting in the way. At last count, I’ve stubbed my toe on the legs of the settee, which is sitting in the middle of the already crowded room, no less than a dozen times. For the sake of my toes, I needed to get this damned thing out of the apartment!

On a whim last night, I found some old photos of the settee from a house tour that ran on Huffington Post and created a quick Craigslist ad. It was a quick and simple ad with measurements and a few details and a price of $75. By 11AM this morning, I was $72 richer (I didn’t have change for $80 and the buyer only had $72 otherwise.) More importantly, I was without an extra settee. The den suddenly feels roomy again!

The ease of buying and selling used furniture via the internet is the thing I miss the most in our new small town life. There is nothing better than browsing through a virtual flea market from the comfort of your own home. Working out the details and buying another person’s unwanted goods, no middle man required, is just about the best thing ever. It might just be my favorite thing about the internet. That Craigslist is absolutely free is the icing on the cake!

While Craigslist does exist in the big cities about an hour and a half from our small town, it’s nothing like it is here in the city. Shopping for goods at the house means trips to antique malls and auctions. Getting rid of castoffs requires garage sales or donations to Goodwill stores.

Fortunately, of course, we’re still splitting our time between the city and small town life. I’ve been buying things in the city and taking them to the house and bringing unwanted pieces back to the city from the middle of nowhere. That’s working, of course. And if we’re able to make a full time move to the house in the future … well let’s just hope that I’ve found a small town alternative to Craigslist by then!

Images: This American House

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  • Reply Mary 06/27/2014 at 6:01 pm

    Well, we miss your furniture in Chicago, Jason! I have been hunting for a little sofa like this for MONTHS on Craiglist! But I didn’t check that day! Great price too. Boo hoo.

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