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Ding Dong The Mantel’s Gone


Ding Dong the Mantel's Gone

One night last winter, in what can only be described as a fit of exhaustion and after a long day of travel, I announced that it was time to remove the mantel.

“What?” The Mister asked. “Now?”

“If not now, when?” I implored.

And so armed with a flat head screwdriver and a hammer, we started prying the trim pieces from around the mantel.

“This will be easy,” I promised The Mister. “The mantel is a hollow box that is mounted on the fireplace. I’m sure it’ll just pop right off.”

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Welcome to the Carriage House: An Artful Mess


the original carriage house at the Delbert Meier House

Back in 1917, when Delbert and Grace Meier had their American System Built home constructed, they built what would have then been called a coach house. This is where the couple would have parked their Model T or Monroe Roadster or whatever they were driving at the time. A small boxy structure, the carriage house is covered in the same stucco as the house and topped with the original slate roof. It’s no longer used for housing an automobile but it’s very much a useful part of the house.

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The Dining Room Doors Are Officially Reclaimed!


the original dining room doors are re-installed at the Delbert Meier House

The last time I was talking about the dining room doors here on the blog they were leaning against the dining room wall. We had brought the doors in from the rafters above the garage and cleaned them of the layers and layers of dust and bird’s nests but I wanted more seasoned hands than my own to help install them. Fortunately, just a week later, my parents came to the Dream House with a wood router in tow and, working together like a happy DIY family, we got the doors re-installed!

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