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10 Items That Will Upgrade Any Bathroom


10 Items to Upgrade Any Bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked in terms of comfort and charm. We’ll put all of our efforts into making the living room and bedrooms comfortable spaces and then just settle for whatever’s already in the bathroom. I’m here to say that it’s easy (and totally worth it!) to upgrade a bathroom. Whether you rent or own, all it takes is a few affordable items to create the creature comforts that will take your bathroom from lousy to luxe.

Double Shower Curtain Rings: It may seem small, but having good shower curtain rings can make all the difference. Cheap rings may rust or allow the curtains to slip off. These double shower rings slide easily, keep the curtains hanging on and don’t rust. But the thing I really love about these shower curtain rings is that it’s super easy to slip off the shower curtain or liner on laundry day.

Delta In2ition 2 in 1 Hand Shower Shower Head: The first thing I’ve done in every apartment and home we’ve lived in is replace the shower head. Having a detachable shower wand makes it easier to clean yourself and your bathtub or shower. And don’t worry – it’s easier to replace a shower head than you might think.

Simple Human 8″ Sensor Mirror with Brightness Control: Take this advice from a middle aged gay man who is obsessed with grooming. A lighted mirror makes all the difference in one’s ablutions. The first time you step in front of a lighted mirror, you may be amazed to find the many nose and ear hairs that you’ve been missing all this time.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod: In some smaller bathrooms, it can seem like you have to be a contortionist to comfortably fit in the shower. And I can’t be the only person that thinks that touching wet skin to shower curtain is totally icky, right? With a curved shower rod, you’ll gain a little extra space in the shower and prevent any skin to curtain contact.

Simple Human Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy: All shower caddies are not created equal. The cheap caddies never seem to fit all the bottles and are prone to rust. This Simple Human caddy has adjustable shelves, allowing for larger and odd-shaped bottles, as well as places for bar soap and even razors.

Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bathtub Caddy: I love a good, long bath. Drop in a bath bomb, cue up some relaxing music, grab a book and soak those cares away! A bathtub caddy makes those soaks all the better by giving you a place to rest your book and even a cocktail or tea.

Overflow Drain Cover: The city apartment that we’re currently renting has a shallow bathtub that was seriously cramping my bubble bath style. The solution is this overflow drain cover that allows me to fill the tub with a few extra inches of water.

Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder: I prefer to keep the toilet bowl brush hidden away in a cabinet but that’s not always possible. When the brush must be kept out in the open, choose one that’s stylish and doesn’t scream “I swab the poop deck!” (The same goes for plungers, too.)

Fabric Shower Curtain Liner: Plastic shower curtain liners are gross. They smell terrible when first unwrapped, they collect water stains and are practically impossible to launder. For just a few bucks more, choose a fabric shower curtain liner over the cheap plastic liners. They do the same job of keeping the shower water inside the tub but they’re easier to maintain. I throw our fabric liner in the washing machine once a month to keep it fresh and white.

Pinzon Luxury Reversible Bath Rug: Rugs are an easy way to soften up a space. And in the case of the bathroom they’re useful for soaking up soggy footsteps. I prefer reversible bath rugs over those plastic-backed rugs because they’re easier to launder.


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